Almond Blossom Liqueur

Portuguese traditions

The almond tree blossoms early in the year. For about 3 weeks we are surrounded by the picturesque soft pink and white flowering trees. Their delightful scent floats through the air. Then when the flowers are at their best we go out early in the morning to pick them. We produce our Almond Flower Liqueur, to a secret recipe, kindly given to us by our guests Jan and Jan from Oenen.

We have a beautiful legend about the Almond Tree, the king and the nordic Princess with a terrible case of homesickness. She dearly missed the snow and the king decided to plant almond trees all over the kingdom. In spring when the blossoms float off the tree and cover the ground, it looks like snow. We cannot be sure that this yearly event brought everlasting happiness to the suffering princess.

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